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Annual Report 

It is with great delight that I present this Annual Report which enumerates the labor of love, activities and achievements of the school.

Our Vision

To enable Access to Learning for      all Learners

  • Faith in God

  • Moral Integrity

  • Academic Excellence

  • Social Responsibility

Our Motto

Our Core Values

Arise and Shine

Our Mission

  We train our students to excel in academics with character and become Prudent Visionaries for a better tomorrow.

About Us

By the grace of God, we started our school in the name of Alpha Public School, affiliated with the Matriculation Board of Tamil Nadu in 2004 and extended it up to XII grade. Many batches have graduated from our school and we had produced outstanding results each year.Keeping in the mind the diverse student groups we have, as we border the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the management, the school management committee along with our parents, felt the need to enhancethe standard of education along with its good infrastructure,a step further by switch over to the CBSE Board. This would help the students be better prepared for the competitive examinations and other life’s challenges that could come. The matriculation board was closed and the school was rebranded as Alpha Elite High. Having obtained the No Objection Certificate from the Government of Tamil Nadu, we have now applied for affiliation with the CBSE Board.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Alpha Elite High, we believe that we are obliged to prepare each and every child who comes to our school to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Keeping this in mind, the school functions on the following Philosophy in lines with our vision and mission:


Our Infrastructure

Our school is spread across a land, spanning 3 acres. We have two blocks with 24 classrooms among other rooms. All of our classes are equipped with interactive digital smart boards to make the teaching learning process more effective. We have a team of 19 qualified teaching staff and 13 non-teaching staff.

Our facilities include a composite science lab with all updated and required equipment and apparatus’.

Our Library consists of more than 3600 books, and a huge collection of digital library resources like encyclopedias, magazines, e-books etc. The various Newspapers and educational magazines subscribed have added additional opportunities for our children and teachers to enhance their reading skills and knowledge.

We also have a well-furnished math lab for use by students from Class I up to Class X. Our Computer Lab is equipped with 20 laptops with high speed internet services.

To complement the education experience in the school, we have provided the necessary infrastructure like Sports equipment and a spacious playground, Indoor Games room (Table Tennis, Carom Boards, Chess Boards, and other indigenous games), Music Room (Guitar, Keyboard and Drums), a multipurpose hall to hone their other skills like art/craft, dance etc.

Safety of our children and staff is of prime importance to us. Hence, CCTV cameras have been installed in all strategic locations to ensure their safety. The school also has setup a Sexual Harassment Committee with a set of well-defined rules and procedures to protect the wellbeing of our children and staff.

Our Initiatives and Practices

Following the paradigm of the CBSE Board, Alpha Elite High has updated the current learning pedagogy with an emphasis on experiential learning. Various trainings had been provided for our teachers to handle the new curriculum. The teachers involved themselves in developing the curriculum plan along with its learning outcomes, so that they would have a sense of self-direction and purpose to achieve at the end of the academic year.

Our Pedagogy

We, at Alpha Elite High, are convinced that education is not only about academics. A holistic approach that would cater to the needs of the Physical, Mental and Social wellbeing is necessary to bring the best out of the student. Every student deserves to become excellent in his/her own area of interest, according to their potential. Alpha Elite High is committed to realizing this dream in every child. Hence, apart from the academic endeavors, we constantly take steps to see that equal opportunities in various areas are given to each child for developing various skills that are necessary to compete in today’s world.

To uplift the students who are weak in academics, special personalized attention is provided to them for improving their academic performance.

The school felt the need for students to increase their interest towards learning. Hence, to promote this, an environment for passive learning was set up where every class was provided with a notice board outside the classroom. It was a platform for students to exhibit their art and writing skills. It was also a place where they could put up interesting news clippings for the students passing by to read and be enlightened.

An initiative was taken to include extracurricular activity mandatory and was allocated 2 exclusive periods for the same. Activities like craft, dance, eco-clubs, theatre, scouts and guides, cooking clubs, music etc were conducted during this period where it was mandatory for the children to participate in an area of interest.

Additionally, all Saturdays were exclusively kept for non-academic activities like Art / Craft, various competitions, literary events etc. It was a wonderful time of learning and fun for the students to relieve themselves of the academic pressures and have fun in the school campus.

Apart from these activities, regular school level programmes like Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Sports Day, Annual Day, Alumni Meet etc were held during the academic year to expand the exposure of our


Environment Friendly Practices

The school introduced a lot of environmental friendly practices. Eco Clubs were started for the students from classes VI – VIII. Various Awareness programmes and environment protection programmes were undertaken as part of the club.

The school started the practice of Solid Waste Management Programme. The staff and students were educated on the 3R principles of SWM – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Customized colored bins were placed on the campus for the segregation of dry and wet waste. The food waste was either converted to food compost or used as fodder. The dry waste was reduced and the waste produces was incinerated.

Rainwater harvesting is another important initiative that the school has complied with to raise the water table by preparing harvesting pits.

The school also has invested in Solar Energy panels. The electricity generated out of it is used to power a whole block. In addition, all the electrical appliances have been fitted with energy saving equipment like LED lights, electronic switches etc.


Alpha Elite High is on road to setting high standards in our society by being a model to be followed. We discipline ourselves in thought and deed to produce the best out of our pupils. We aspire to do even greater things for the benefit of our students in the days to come, to excel in academics and in character to become prudent visionaries of tomorrow.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our stake holders and the School Management Committee who constantly motivate us and provide us with your valuable suggestions for the betterment of our school.

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