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  • Is the school recognized by the government?


  • How do I admit my child in School?

       To enrol your child, come in person to the school and get an application from the office or download the application           form from our website. Produce the filled in application along with the supporting documents to admit your child in             the school.


  • What are the documents necessary to enrol my child in school?

    Attested Copies of

      1. Birth Certificate

      2. Community Certificate

      3. Income Certificate

      4. Aadhaar Card

      5. Ration Card

      6. Blood Group Certificate

  • Is transportation facility available for my child?

        Yes, Transport Facilities are available for your children. Our busses commute to Hosur, Bagalur, Berigai, Athimugam               and Chinnarandoddi. Contact the office for more information.

  • What is the timing of the School?

        Our school commences at 9:00 am and closes at 03:30 pm.


  • Are there any extra-curricular activities in school?

        Yes, Various activities like Music, Singing, Art & Craft, Games etc are provided to the children.


  • How will my child benefit from studying in this school?

       Apart from the curriculum, special attention is given on various aspects to improve the overall development of your             child which will enable them to compete students of the urban community with confidence.

         1. Spoken English

         2. Discipline

         3. Moral Values

         4. Counselling

         5. Personal Care

         6. Recreation

         7. Healthy Competitions

         8. Life Skill Development Classes etc.

* If you have more questions please feel free to contact us at our office or kindly call us.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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